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Pacific Rubiales ( Who the hell is Volbor Trading?

With the now-confirmed news that Pacific Rubiales ( is getting bought out by the Alfa/Harbour Energy double-act (Setty on the ball as always), thoughts turn to those using insider information to get rich quick:

Never heard of before, some outfit called Volbor Trading Ltd comes out of nowhere and buys up 2.66m shares of just days before it gets bought out at a much higher price, netting the Volbor people close to $6m for a week's work. Nice work if you can get it of course but the thing is, very but VERY little comes up on the Googlymachine about Volbor, which is more than weird for a financial entity. 

Therefore, Canadian regs bodies, you have a job to do. If you're not as totally corrupt as I think you are.

UPDATE: Ah, it's Derwick Associates:

UPDATE 2: And good morning to George Pyper of Endeavour Financial. Beats me why he might find any thoughts of illegal insider trading in interes....ah yeah, that'd be why.